Carbon rim warping ~ how to prevent it

All Carbon Wheels have temperature restrictions.

Typically this is in the range of 170C - 200C

Above the rated temperature - the carbon becomes soft and can deform suddenly.
Clincher Rims are more sensitive because the tire pressure may 'warp' the rim when it overheats.
GS Astuto's rims are constructed with high temperature resin. (190C) and also use a special Basalt fabric on the braking strip to help resist damage.
In addition, the special brake pads help to lower the braking temperature by 'shedding' or 'dusting' under heavy braking. So, you must ALWAYS use Carbon Rim Brake Pads!
While we do our best to make the safest and toughest rim possible, it is important to know that overheating CAN HAPPEN - especially under HOT, STEEP and SLOW descents.
Best Practices:
1) Make sure brake pads are mounted properly. Generally 2mm from the top edge of the rim.
2) Use BOTH BRAKES when slowing down or stopping.
3) Avoid continuous 'feathering' of brakes while descending.
4) If you feel pulsation when you are braking, then immediately stop and check your rims.
5) On very long, steep, descents you may need to stop periodically and let your rims cool down.

via GS Astuto.


8bar x adidas

8bar teamed up with adidas cycling for the season of 2015. The outcome is unique cycling wear perfectly matching to the 8bar team design. 

The "new" 8bar team had their debut at the Rad Race Fixed42 World Championship in Berlin on May 31st with a great result. Team rider Tim finishing on 2nd, Paul on 9th, Maxe on 11th place. With this results they are the official Rad Race Fixed42 Team World Champion. Last but not least Christin Klepsch won the women race and Antonia finished within the Top Ten. Looks like the 8bar team is in great shape! Let's see how they are going to continue their race season.



The word ‘epic’ is often over used, but when it comes from our friend Marc Maurer, who last year rode from Cologne to the Caspian Sea and decided rather than to fly home, he’d just turn around and ride back…we had to pay attention.  Marc’s journey is fully justified as ‘epic’ he left mid of may headed for Istanbul, Turkey and the Caucasus mountains. His journey will total 4000km, passing through culturally rich regions of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and finally Iran. Along the way he will visit many stunning locations across the Caucasus, keep your eyes on this channel for future photos and videoclips.

Marc will be traveling alone for the most part, but will occasionally be meeting up with friends for certain stretches of the journey. His daily companion will be our prototype ‘Beyond’, a bike built and designed to be capable for virtually any adventure you have in mind. On road or off it, the Beyond uses a geometry that ensures a stable and solid feeling no matter how loaded the bike is. Marc is carrying everything he needs with him thanks to a set of bike bags and rear pannier bags. In addition to the luggage, Marc has made a few other adjustments to the bike for his trip, with a TT bar, dyno hub and his trusty Flite saddle.


Fixie cyclist Patrick Seabase will take on the challenge of his life on June 3, 2015.

He intends to ride the first mountain stage of the 1910 Tour de France in the French Pyrenees in a single day from Bagnères de Luchon to Bayonne – through five passes, with nearly 7,000m of climbing and a distance of over 300 kilometres.

All this with one gear only, and no brakes.

Swanski x Dwa Osiem x Cinelli. Making of a custom race bike

"DwaOsiem" - a Warsaw based cyclist cafe and Cinelli distributor just teamed up with the local artist and designer Pawel Swanski. Their first creation is a true gem - a beautifully hand painted bicycle combining a mix of Columbus Genius frame, Cinelli, Campagnolo and HED components with Swanski's instantly recognizable brush style. The complete bicycle weights just an astonishing 6,47kg! This custom machine is a start of a series between Swanski's design team & DwaOsiem, combining passion, art and craft with pure love for cycling. All creations in this series will be adjusted to the owner not only by tech specs, but also thru hand painted art trying to reflect one's personality. 


Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to go cycling. It offers spectacular roads and stunning views that put your mind at ease. In January 2015 Patrick Seabase explored the volcanic island in the atlantic ocean on his track bike (ratio 47/17). Preparing himself for an upcoming project - he covered 12000m of altitude throughout 25 hours of freeriding within 6 days. "Gran Canaria inspired me to put together an edit, showcasing the beauty of this island." The Song, Musette and Drums from the Cocteau Twins, giving the clip its audial support, is featured on their album "Head over Heels", which was one of the first cassettes Patrick owned when he was a child. Filmed and Edit: Alex Rankin Audio: Cocteau Twins "Musette and Drums"

Rapha Prestige Launceston 2015

As the sun set over Northern Tasmania’s Tamar Valley on Friday 13th March 2015, the Rapha Prestige Launceston began, with riders gathering on the deck of the Barrel Room Restaurant at Velo Wines. Teams huddled together, nervously discussing tactics and tyre/cog selections for the following day’s 170km adventure to the highest point of Tasmania’s only alpine region, the Ben Lomond National Park. Unbeknownst to the riders, just a week prior the summit had unseasonably received its first snow of the year. The brutality of the Tasmanian landscape and climate would be a defining feature of the weekend.

Passo Fedaia (Caprile)

Watched over by the highest peak in the Dolomites, the 3,343 metre high Marmolada, the Passo Fedaia is an enchanting journey of mystery and intrigue right from the very beginning. From Caprile, in the east, you're faced with just over 14 kilometres of climbing at an average gradient of 7.5%, not so bad you may be thinking?