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Just over a week ago Alex was involved in a serious head on collision while out filming on our first day of production for Macaframa 2. This is a recap of the events that day as well as a showcase of his will and fight to overcome such a tragic situation. Please visit http// for any contributions. Filmed by: Colby Elrick Colin Arlen Jason Rosete Music: Free Weed "Heartwalls" From the Album: Fantasy Burger Records and Gnar Tapes

Osage Overland Adventure

What is Adventure Riding? Getting back to the roots of the pure joy of a bike. Seeking out new roads and a routine-breaking spirit of the unknown. Staying in unusual places, Black Gold motels, and enjoying a local diner. Getting away with friends, the same old routes, for a ride. Join 7 cyclists from Oklahoma as they explore new roads in a two day ride from Tulsa to Stillwater over 210 miles with gravel, Bison, open ranges, and a new story to tell. See the full story, rider bios, and photos at

48 Tornanti di Notte - Film documentario con Giuliano Calore - TEASER

The story of Giuliano Calore and of his attempt to enter the history of extreme cycling. 

Giuliano Calore was born in Padova (Italy) in 1938. During his life he has contributed to writing the history of extreme cycling. Some of his extraordinary exploits are today in the Guinness World Records, and led him to receive the coveted honor of “King of the records”. 
Giuliano Calore is now 77 years old and he is determined to realize his last record. 
He wants to use the suggestive location of the Stelvio Pass, the set of some of his previous astounding proofs of balance, tenacity, and inexhaustible power, and also the set of some of the most famous pages in the history of cycling. 
This is the most impressive challenge he took up so far: descending mount Stelvio at night, 48 hairpin turns by bike with no handlebars, no brakes, only illuminated by a flashlight and the moonlight. 
The documentary tells the incredible story of this bizarre character, somewhere in between an old-fashioned gentleman and a pub bettor, with a boundless passion for cycling, and for a free, unconventional lifestyle. 

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