Jam Handcrafted Bicycles - Equalizer and Mudmaster

RDFX is the sole dealer for Jam Bike, from St Petersburg Russia, in Hong Kong. If you're looking for a one of a kind frame that's made to order to your body measurement from Russia, contact eric@rdfx.cc
Some specs for these frame sets:

- Each of these frames made of high-end tubes Columbus HSS, Columbus Life and Dedacciai Adamantis.
- Full carbon forks, strong and very light, with a 1.5" tapered steerer
- In both frames, the rear brake is internal wiring of stainless tubes. For Equalizer it is located in the top tube, for Mudmaster it is located in the down tube.
- Head tube 44 mm, 31.6 mm seatpost. Integrated seatpost clamp. The bottom bracket 68 mm, British thread. Removable aluminum hanger.
- Weight of the frame Equalizer 550 mm - 1690 g; Weight of the fork - 375 g
- Weight of the frame Mudmaster 550 mm - 1720 g; Weight of the fork - 450 g

Cost of Jam Equalizer - from 1390 USD.
Cost of Jam Mudmaster - from 1490 USD.

Painting of the each frameset can be done in three ways:
- The first option - the standard painting of the frame and fork in one color. Color can be selected as desired.
- The second option is presented in the photographs Madmaster. This scheme offers an optional, extra 100 USD. The combination of colors can be chosen independently.
- The third option presented model equalizer. Option is 150 USD, the same color can be selected.