colossi x Columbus Bicycle Tubes

Life is a steel tubset with special metal composition – manganese, chrome, nickel, molybdenum and niobium. The special compositon of material increase strength and reduce the grain sizes. Ultimately the life tubset have reduced thickness up to 0.45mm, exception resistance to corrosion, high strength to weight ratio and high breaking load/incredible fatigue endurances. 

In Colossi we have different sets Columbus Life:-

1) Downtube – 35mm, 38mm, 42mm, Aeroshape (44mm,31.7mm)
2) Toptube – 31.7mm 
3) Seatube – 28.6mm and 31.8mm
4) Chainstay – 30x16mm tapered and 30x16mm S-Bend
5) Seatstay – 17mm Round