from time to time we receive emails from ARISE riders that were interested to convert their bike from singlespeed to a geared one for a certain exception - such for example a hilly bike journey.

For some the ARISE represents a singlespeed cx bike, for some a flatland-gravel-travel bike, for others an urban commuter - and for some a undestroyable autum/winter bike. But from time to time it seems one or another could need a gearing for any special purpose - we just received an interesting build from Marco (Slovenia), take a look and read his comments.

"I used the 5-speed Sturmey Archer bar-end shifter along with an old Suntour rear derailleur. For the cassette I used the original Bombtrack hub and destroyed a Shimano cassette for its parts. It turned out that the Bombtrack hub is just about the right size for five cogs. A friend of mine used his welding magic to make the derailleur adapter out of two old ones. All that was left to do, was to put everything together and go for a ride. For now I'm really happy with the result!"