via jogger joel

After 6 weeks + 4 years of waiting, my bike trainer came from America with the help ofBrian Fu. After lugging the 30lbs box for a block to an empty cab, I unpacked it, assembled my bike onto it, and downloaded the app. There's not much directions with the box and like I need it?? Tried to pedal and it would go easy to hard to really hard resistance until I realised that I need to calibrate via the app. Once that was done, I hooked up my Garmin 810 and paired the new wahoo power. With power and cadence from the computer, I was ready to go. But for some reason. The android app wasnt connecting and then realized that you need to also add it to the device listing. Unfortunately, to see speed and cadence you need to buy the $99USD add on. And since I already have the Garmin, its not really need
The problem with the app is that it is in statute. Being from America, I shouldn't have any problem... but the brain gets confused if you work with one unit and doesn't have power to convert when it is stressed. My initial 30 minutes weren't exceptional although I tried to keep high cadence and push it to a measly 200watts. Well, come on! You rainy days.. try me now. Kickr is my first and only trainer, so I can really compare. All I know is that it really takes mental focus to keep at a certain watt expectation. But if you want to be faster, watts is all it matters! Train like you mean it!!!