ax.Ultra Road Clincher 28 released!

After an intensive development and test work now finally available:
Our ax-lightness Ultra Road Clincher 28 wheelset for clincher as well as tubeless tires.
With a technology based on our MTB clinchers, which has already extensively proven itself in the MTB WorldCup and caused quite a stir on the podiums, we now also enter the road scene with a dedicated clincher design.

An absolute featherweight on the scale at just over 1000 grams, which even in the tubular sector is only reserved for the absolute specialists, they are nonetheless really tough out on the road and as well sport the latest technological features. The rims come with a toroidal, 28 mm deep aerodynamic profile and boasts an enormous width of 26 mm. This allows for a more homogeneous transition to the mounted tire, which besides improved aerodynamics especially scores with its predictable handling in cross-winds and in gusts of wind. The massive internal width of 18 mm adds volume to the tire, resulting in larger contact patch which both increases the grip and damping of the tires, whilst per construction decreasing the rolling resistance. Herewith the rims are also especially suited for wider tires as currently trendy both in racing as well as in recreational riding.

As already established and proven with our MTB clinchers, the rim hooks are neither milled nor mechanically finished in any other way, but instead elaborately hand-laminated in a separate work step as one-piece with a continous fibre flow in and around the hook. That way the hook boasts a considerably higher strength and stability, which results in very good emergency running properties for instance upon a puncture: A wheel can thus still be ridden into the service zone without damaging the rim in MTB WorldCup racing. The pronounced ridge and clincher bulge at the same time provide a secure seat of the tire – another safety plus in case of a drop of air pressure.
As with our other rims our new 28 mm clincher rim also features our Spoke Reinforcement Technology (SRT), where each spoke hole is individually manually handcrafted and reinforced upon lamination and thus evades a subsequent drilling and therewith transection of fibres , which results in a dramatically improved spoke tension bearing capacity. Tests at the University of Bayreuth have attested our rims a spoke nipple pull-through resistance of five tons, with a good spoke barely being able to withstand 200 kilograms – that way our rims are not subject to any spoke tension limitations.

In addition our SBS technolgy (Seamless Brake Track) is employed as well which yields a seamless and virtually perfectly even and parallel brake track thanks to an elaborate manufacturing which results in a better modulation and braking characteristics.
In order to be prepared for the construction related thermal stresses from rim brakes the rims make use of a peak temperature laminate from Formula 1 racing that has specifically been developed for exhaust components of the chassis and is extremely heat-resistant.

Also the construction of the rim has been optimised for a preferably good heat dissipation by means of the fibre orientation as well as the invariably continuously running fibres. The rim is thereby being built using state-of-the-art-technology in a bladder moulding and thus does not feature an internal foam core that absorbs and collects heat and thus delays the cooling.

The rims have been tested at a renowned German testing institute in a practice-orientated and thermally monitored endurance test on the basis of simulations of continuous full brakings and pass descents of a 120 kg rider in alpine territory with the result that tires and tubes fail much sooner than the rims themselves which endured the test damage-free. Special brake pads ensure a safe deceleration under all conditions which is well above all well-established norms.

Tubular feeling, -safety and –weight with clincher wheels: A novelty – our ax-lightness Ultra Road Clincher 28!

ax-lightness Ultra Road Clincher 28
Weight: 1060 grams / set
Rim depth: 28 mm
Rim width: 26 mm
Internal width: 18 mm
Tire type: Clincher tires, tubeless tires
Brake type: Rim brake
Hubs: Extralite UltraFront SPM, Extralite UltraRear SP
Spokes: DT Aerolite
Nipples: Internal
Rider weight limit: 100 kg
Tire pressure limit: 8 bar
Scope of delivery: Brake pads, ax.Quicky evo Road quick releases, ax wheel bags
Price: EUR 2990.00